The GREENHUB concept has its origins in the well-remembered year for the entire Crypto Industry in 2017, waiting for the moment when the time is finally ripe and Crypto Community will be ready for this kind of concepts. Four years later, in 2021, “Day X” came for GREENHUB.

about us


Decentralized Real Economy.


Transportation as a service.


Proof or Real Economy.

Our Vision

Imagine for a moment the following scenario: The car rushes in the morning traffic of your metropolis, “at the wheel” is your virtual holographic super driver from “Fast and Furious” , and your child will be taken to school by his super hero from his favorite cartoon .. Have you already imagined ?.. No, this is not a surreal scenario for another SF movie, this is a new paradigm, this is the future and this future is already here.

Self-Driving Vehicles

THE GREENHUB is a Fully Autonomous Taxi platform based on 3 blockchain-based Smart contracts on Ethereum Blockchain.

  • DeRE (Decentralized-Real-Economy)
  • TaaS (Transportation-as-a-Service)
  • PoRE (Proof-of-Real-Economy)

All three of these protocols, in tandem with a network of THE GREENHUB Clusters consisting of Tesla electric vehicles, including modern Unmanned Systems Technology, based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, plus 5G / 6G technologies, plus DLT technologies (Distributed Ledger Technology) – this “Cocktail of innovation” is the Future that is already here, and THE GREENHUB is part of this Future.

The Greenhub Ecosystem

GREENHUB is a global platform for Fully Autonomous Taxi Service, based on DeRE, TaaS and PoRE protocols on Ethereum Blockchain. In the first phase of the project development, GREENHUB will use electric vehicles from TESLA.

Why Tesla Vehicles?

The main reason is because Tesla turned their cars into gadgets. All Tesla cars currently being produced are equipped with all the necessary equipment for fully Autonomous driving, waiting only for new updates to move to the next Unmanned Technology Level.

Car Sharing

The possibility of fast and high-quality disinfection of cars that operates in Car-Sharing mode is an important factor. The ergonomic, yet futuristic and comfortable interior of Tesla Model 3, makes them suited for this purpose.”


Tesla’s main advantage is that already 1 million of their cars every day drive on the streets of cities around the world with different traffic rules, climate and weather conditions, collecting terabytes of data to improve the network.


The Tesla Model 3 has been named the safest vehicle in crash tests by the US organization NHTSA. The organization conducts crash tests and determines the level of passive safety feature of vehicles that are sold in the US market.


Tesla is one of the pioneers of sell-driving technology and it is Tesla that has promoted  the self-driving technology. Tesla cars have the hardware needed in the future for full self-driving in almost all circumstances.


Right now Tesla is the only Series-Production electric car that has been successfully produced, improved, and used in various conditions for more than one decade already, from tropical climates to the Nordic countries.

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Platform and Network

The network of GREENHUB Clusters will constantly develop and starting with metropolises with already sufficiently developed infrastructure, as well as to go beyond the metropolitan areas and expanding in parallel with the adaption of the infrastructure and the legal framework, in favor of Unmanned Systems Technology.

The GREENHUB Platform will run on the Ethereum Blockchain and will interact with the GREENHUB Community and its users via THEGREENHUB DApp.

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