First of all, we are sorry that the GRNHB listing coincided with some technical and reorganizational issues on, which are now already solved.

Important announcements for all investors, early GRNHB adopters who believed in THE GREENHUB and the potential that it holds:

if within one year from the end of the Pre-Sale the GRNHB will not reach the quotas indicated in THE GREENHUB’s White Paper, in such a way that your expectations will be justified, then THE GREENHUB will refund to anyone who has contributed with its resources, following the exchange rate set in USDT at the time of the transaction.

We have kept the data of absolutely every detail and every transaction!

Regarding the Airdrop Campaign, we don’t deny the fact that we have, indeed, announced that the distribution will take place on April 12. Unfortunately, all the Exchanges with which THE GREENHUB is currently in discussion regarding the GRNHB next listings, have strongly recommended to us that we should distribute the Airdrop tokens in a dosed manner (not all at once).

Otherwise, any listing loses its meaning when there are a lot of participants (41976) here and all the discussions that we saw in our chat in the recent days confirm that ~90% of Airdrop participants are ready to dump & drop the Airdrop tokens at the first occasion and any price. Sadly, this would mean the death of our project from the very beginning (and we cannot afford such a “luxury”).

So, out of respect for our investors, we are forced by the circumstances to comply and follow the recommendations of the Exchanges on which the GRNHB will be listed, regarding the dosed distribution of the Airdrop tokens.

In simple words, it turns out this way:

– either you all will receive now your GRNHB and together will lower and drop the unconsolidated GRNHB’s price yet and thus holding another useless token in your wallet…

– THE GREENHUB will follow the recommendations of the Exchanges and will distribute the Airdrop tokens in a dosed formula as soon as the price will already consolidate on several Exchanges. This way you will already receive a token with a consolidated value on the market.

The circumstances force THE GREENHUB to go with the second option. The distribution will be done in a dosed formula (several hundred people at each distribution). Those who are first on the list will be served first and then the rest of the participants as the list goes. No one will ask you/charge any fees for the Airdrop distribution, but you must not forget that the money for the fees of each airdrop transaction didn’t came out of nowhere.

This amount of money is from the contributions of early GRNHB adopters and that is why we must respect them! We will make a new announcement related to the Airdrop distribution in the following period so stay tuned.

THE GREENHUB Team wishes you all the best and don’t forget to stay positive and Green!