Imagine for a moment the following scenario: The car rushes in the morning traffic of your metropolis, “at the wheel” is your virtual holographic super driver from “Fast and Furious” , and your child will be taken to school by his super hero from his favorite cartoon .. Have you already imagined ?.. No, this is not a surreal scenario for another SF movie, this is a new paradigm, this is the future and this future is already here.
Do you know what unites IBM, Kodak, Polaroid, Xerox, Nokia, Atari and other similar companies?
All of them have lost their former power, lacking faith in innovation. They have held for far too long on to the old technologies that made them popular, while progress and unconventional revolutionary new technologies have literally penetrated every aspect of everyday life.
Isn’t it too early to talk about Unmanned Systems Technology ? No, not early and not too late. For more than half a century, unmanned aircraft systems technology have been successfully used in aviation, both in military and civil aviation, as well as in other areas. So today is the perfect time to capture and penetrate this market segment.

Driverless cars will massively appear on real roads much earlier than people think

THE GREENHUB is a Fully Autonomous Taxi platform based on 3 blockchain-based Smart contracts on Ethereum Blockchain.
•DeRE (Decentralized-Real-Economy)

•TaaS (Transportation-as-a-Service)

•PoRE (Proof-of-Real-Economy)
All three of these protocols, in tandem with a network of THE GREENHUB Clusters consisting of Tesla electric vehicles, including modern Unmanned Systems Technology (UST) ,
based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, plus 5G / 6G technologies, plus DLT technologies (Distributed Ledger Technology) – this “Cocktail of innovation” is the Future that is already here, and THE GREENHUB is part of this Future.


DeFi Next-Level is DeRE.
• DeRE (Decentralized-Real-Economy)
If DeFi is a Decentralized Finance (commonly referred to as DeFi) then DeRE is short for “Decentralized Real Economy”.
Protocol which aims to provide a new level of transparency and legitimacy to decentralized the Real Economy, Via blockchain-based Smart Contracts, for a better interaction between Crypto Industry and the Real Economy.
• PoRE (Proof-of-Real-Economy)
PoRE – is a new consensus protocol used for minting cryptocurrency or tokens backed by activities in the Real Economy, and converting the results of this activities in a Tokenized Assets. For more details please check THE GREENHUB White Paper

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